GOLFJOY GSV Max Overhead Launch Monitor

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Introducing the GSV MAX, GolfJoy's premier overhead launch monitors designed to revolutionize your golfing experience. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum with a sleek design, GSV Max offer unmatched precision and performance for golfers of all levels.

Every Swing Analyzed, Every Shot Perfected

Precision Perfected

Dual high-speed cameras and 3D detection capture every detail with ≥99.5% accuracy, providing comprehensive data on ball and club dynamics.

Elegant Design Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Construction

Premium aerospace aluminum with an anodized finish ensures durability and elegance.
Integrated Overhead Installation:
One-piece design supports both left- and right-handed players without manual ball placement.

Real-Time Data Analysis 23 Key Golf Metrics

Advanced AI algorithms deliver real-time insights on 23 critical golf metrics, including club head speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and impact efficiency.

Innovative Smart Putting System

Automatically activates within 4 yards of the green, offering 200+ short putt experiences with 3 cup groups and 11 power devices to simulate green conditions.

Wide Detection Range

Large sensing area eliminates the need for manual ball repositioning, enhancing the playing experience.

4GB/s data transmission speed

calculation time of ≤0.3 seconds

detection latency of ≤0.2 seconds

Clear Clubhead Playback

Vivid playback of clubhead position and ball contact for detailed analysis of alignment, clubface control, ball spin, and launch angle.

Flexible Installation

Suitable for ceiling heights from 108 inches (2.75m) to 130 inches (3.3m), adaptable to various indoor environments. Front positioning reduces interference and accommodates non-standard swing postures.

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