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We are committed to the success and growth of our partners,providing ongoing training and support, as well as a clear path to success within our company.Partnering with us is a winwin for both parties, and we look forward to building a strong and successful partnership together.


As a Greenjoy partner, you're set up to play to your strengths, delivering value, trust, golf knowledge, and experience to your customers in a way that also works for your business model and goals. With opportunities to create new revenue streams, increase your profitability, and deepen customer relationships, the Greenjoy Global Partner Program delivers a strong foundation for your business today and for years to come. 


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Greenjoy supports its distribution partners with a comprehensive program of training and services that will enable your reseller network to remain agile in a strongly competitive market place, identify and capture new revenue streams, and remain profitable. From sales, marketing, training and support, the program helps you drive your golf simulator business growth.

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Greenjoy supports its agents with a comprehensive program of training and services, designed to help them remain agile in a competitive market, identify new revenue opportunities, and maintain profitability. Our program includes sales and marketing support, training, and ongoing assistance to help our agents grow their business and succeed. With Greenjoy's support, our agents can confidently promote and sell our products, while providing excellent service and support to their customers.

Why Choose Us?

 Competitive Pricing

Partnering with our company to distribute our golf launch monitor provides many benefits, Our launch monitor boasts innovative technology and a competitive pricing strategy, making it aunique and valuable additon to any golf retailer's inventory.

Trial Period and Comprehensive Training

We offer a trial period for potential agents and distributors to test the launch monitor for themselves, allowing them to see firsthand themselves, allowing them to see firsthand how effective it is. Our comprehensive training and ongong support ensure that our partners are well-equipped to succeed in their role

Attractive Terms and Incentives

Attractive terms and incentives, such as flexible payment options and exclusive territories, are also provided to our partners. We believe in fostering a partnership with our agents and dsitributors, encouraging them to think of themselves as partners in the success of our business.

 Excellent products and professional services

We provide marketing materials such as brochures, videos, and product demonstrations to help our partners promote the launch monitor effectively. We slso establish trust and credibility with potential agents and distributors by providing references and testimonials from satisfied customers

Strong Partnership Success

We are committed to the success and growth of our partners, providing ongoing traning and supoort, as well as a clear path to success within our company. Partnering with us is a win-win for both parties, and we look forward to building a strong and successful partnership together.

Media Advertising Support

We will advertise on mainstream media, such as Google, YouTube, Linkein, etc, to enhance the company and brand image, attract end users, and refer them to our distributors and agents to grow and strengthen together.

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