GolfJoy GDS Plus Launch Monitor

● Dual Ultra High-Speed Cameras

● 23 Data points for Ball and Club

● Precise both Indoor and Outdoor

● Compatible with Multi Softwares:Premium GOLFJOY 4K, E6, GSPro and Free GOLFJOY Lite App

● Portable, Durable and Affordable

● Use any ball with no worry

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Master Your Skills Anywhere with GDS Plus

Dual Ultra High-Speed Cameras
Compatible with Multi Softwares
23 Data points for Ball and Club
Precise both Indoor and Outdoor
Portable, Durable and Affordable
Use any ball with no worry

Precise and Efficient

Get accurate data and real-time feedback on your swing, ball trajectory, and more.

Carry Free and Train Anywhere

On the range? At home?
GDS Plus with a rechargable battery brings possiblities to level up your game at anywhere, anytime.

Data points for Ball and Club

Dual Ultra High-Speed Cameras for both ball and club data.
Get real-time and accurate feedback in the blink of an eye!

Witness the Transformation of Your Game

Captured at an impressive frame rate, this video footage keeps record of your club before, during and after impact. Analyze your swing and fine-tune your techniques between your sensations and real-time visual feedback.

Track and Improve

Set targets, customize your training tasks, and track your progress with quantifiable data.

Portable and Versatile

Lightweight and easy to set up. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Personalize your Training Right Away

What's your goal today?
Customize your training tasks, and track your progress with GOLFJOY Lite App
Free with four accounts sign-in, 15 data points and combinations of practice plans.
Perfect for golfers of all levels.

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Choices on Muiti softwares as you like

Ready to tee off with our premium GOLFJOY software?
Let's unlock a world of golfing excitement and immerse yourself in lifelike golfing experience.

Multiple Third-Party softwares are available based on your preferences.

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What our customers say

Jake Thompson

Unmatched Precision and Ease of Use

The GDS Plus outperforms other launch monitors with its accuracy and user-friendliness. The impact screen is incredibly durable and reduces bounce back, making my practice sessions more effective.

Emily C.

Effortless Setup and Superior Quality

Setting up the GDS Plus was surprisingly simple with the intuitive color-coded system. The quality of the screen and protective features really shows the dedication to a top-notch product.

Michael D.

Durable Mat for Realistic Practice

The golf mat from GDS Plus is a standout. It's tough yet provides a real turf feel, enhancing my practice significantly. It's refreshing to find a product that truly withstands frequent use.

Sarah Martinez

Game-Changing Feedback for Serious Golfers

The detailed feedback from GDS Plus has transformed my approach to golf. The premium screen enhances my practice visually and technically, making it an invaluable tool in my training arsenal.

Chris Johnson

Exceeding Expectations with Quality and Accuracy

Initially skeptical, the GDS Plus has impressed me with its stellar precision and material quality. The added safety features like padding and netting show a commitment to user safety and product longevity.

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