Golf Simulator Industry Leader

Commercial Golf Simulator

GolfJoy offers 2 models of commercial golf simulators


APEX C2 Golf Simulator Suite

Flaship S5

Flagship S5 Golf Simulator Suite

Complete Golf Solution

GOLFJOY Launch Monitor is more than just a device. It's a complete solution for golf performance, improvement, and entertainment, featuring realistic 3D golf courses. When you want the best, choose GOLFJOY.

Unmatched Data Accuracy

From the range to the course to the studio, our technology delivers comprehensive insights on every shot. Discover your strengths and areas to improve with confidence.

Putting System

A unique putting system that is unparalleled in the industry

Cost-Effective Performance

Thanks to our independent R&D, strong sales volume, and reduced endorsement costs, GOLFJOY offers affordable pricing by lowering spare parts procurement expenses and advertising costs. Our products provide comparable performance at prices 10-50% lower than our competitors.

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