Core Advantages

Real-time Match

Play with friends all the world, travel golf courses over the earth and Meta universe.

Comprehensive Golf Practice

Multiple golf training modes, including driving range,near pin,putting and chipping, we have applied for a patented technology

The World's Advanced UAV Scanning Technology

UAV scanning modeing 1:1 restoration of real stadlum data from the film source, the error of course topography, geomorphology and space objects are controlled under 5cm


Variety Games——Play golf in creative ways: Jumping, Bumping and Bombing

3D Beautiful Golf Course

Perfectly shows and optimizes the real course picture, makes the interaction between golf and software world scene infinitely realistic, and provides users with a "frame hidden version" indoor golf lifestyle. The playing experience is "silky and smooth".

High Speed ​​Sensing System

The Launch monitor use a binocular high-speed camera system to capture every frame of the golf ball


PGA Show
Volvo Masters with Greenjoy
BMW Golf Tournament Partnership
PGA Show
2021 Product Launch

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