GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit
GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit
GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit
GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit
GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit
GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit

GolfJoy Overhead GSV Golf Simulator Kit

Size: 10’ (L)*8.2’(H)*4.9’ (D)/300 cm(L)*250cm(H)*150cm(D)
Projecter: 4300lm optoma projecter
Software: Golfjoy Software(Gold memership)
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  1. GSV Overhead Launch Monitor
  2. High-Quality Impact Screen
  3. Complete Simulator Enclosure
  4. Premium Hitting Mat System & Turf
  5. Projector and Cables
  6. Free Mobile & iPad App
  7. GOLFJOY PC Software Subscription (1 YEAR)


    Premium Impact Screen

    We adopt Premium fabric and it is exclusive to Golfjoy, in another word, you won't find it anywhere else. It took us several years of development working with one of the leading mills in the world, but the end result is premium impact screen material that we're proud to call our own. But don't just take our word for it.In independent, head-to-head testing conducted by professional team, with its mission to inform and protect the golf consumer with unbiased data-driven methods, Our Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen outperformed what has been the industry's most popular impact screen on the market. The results proved the durability of the new GOLFJOY Premium screen is superior to the competition, while also delivering reduced sound and bounce back.

    Protective Foam Padding & Side Barrier Netting

    Our Enclosure Kits now include protective foam padding that attaches to the left, right, top, and bottom of your screen. The foam padding helps protect the poles behind the screen and surround from arid shots.
    Unless you prefer holes in your walls, our side barrier netting helps protect the area around your setup. The sandbags help anchor and ensure a tight net to catch stray golf balls - not that we expect that from you.

    Push Pin Poles & Connectors, no need tools

    Frame Assembly has never been easier with out color coded push pin poles and connectors. These new color coded pipe kits make setting up your enclosure smoother than ever.

    Best Golf Putting Mat

    It features the best of both worlds as a driving range mat. It’s extremely durable and can withstand swing after swing, plus it’s also incredibly comfortable by absorbing club impacts with realistic feel durability
    Just like any purchase, you want something that is going to last you. The same goes for golf mats. You are going to be using your golf mat frequently so you are going to want a mat that can take a lot of golf shots and hold up while doing so.

    Hitting Surface
    The Hitting Surface of a golf mat is one of the most important aspects to look at when you are in the market for a golf mat. Your hitting surface is something that will absorb the impact of a club (if you hit a chunky shot) without causing serious injury to you or your club.

    图片1 GSV Overhead Launch Monitor*1
    图片2 Complete Simulator Enclosure+High-Quality Impact Screen
    图片3 Premium Hitting Mat System & Turf
    图片4 Projector and Cables
    图片6 GOLFJOY PC Software Subscription (1 Year)

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