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Home comforts bring golfing joy

Home comforts bring golfing joy

No course? No problem! Play anywhere you choose with the GOLFJOY Personal Golf Simulator Studio, the perfect portable practice tool. Combining our patented cutting-edge technology with easy-to-assemble equipment, it offers the ultimate indoor golfing experience.


Ideal for your garage, spare room, basement or outbuilding, this innovative device from GOLFJOY is durable and practical, convenient and affordable.


The high-strength steel frame is pieced together in minutes using spring-snap technology, the poles clicking into place easily and securely. No tools needed. The three-layered screen – available in standard size or enlarged – offers astonishing visual clarity backed with high-density protective padding to reduce sound, absorb ball impact and ensure prolonged use. You can hit some 100,000 shots before the front part needs replacing.


Ceiling and sidewall fabric block out the light, maintaining screen clarity and offering further protection from ball bounce should any shots go astray. More padding around the poles adds to the safety aspect. All fabric is held snugly in place with a secure Velcro fitting system. Sturdy, steady and robust, the GOLFJOY Personal Golf Simulator Studio lets you swing with confidence.


And there’s more. Artificial turf in front of the screen provides the ideal surface for putting. Your hitting mat comes in two parts, a firm surface for standing on and a softer part where you place the ball. It will even take your tee, just like grass. This soft piece of mat can withstand some 40,000 hits and is easily replaceable.


Nearly done! Just set up your launch monitor and projector, then you are ready for endless hours of enjoyment. The GOLFJOY Personal Golf Simulator Studio – your private golfing heaven.

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