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Golfing paradise at your fingertips

Golfing paradise at your fingertips

Thanks to GOLFJOY’s Ultra 4K high-definition software, indoor golf has never been so close to the real thing. Powered by Unreal Engine, the world’s leading virtual reality development tool, our simulators offer stunning 3D visuals of the game’s most iconic courses.

You can follow in the footsteps of the pros around Pebble Beach, St Andrews and various Ryder Cup venues. More than 150 layouts have been captured by GOLFJOY’s professional mapping team.

Each course is meticulously replicated on-screen for a fully immersive golfing experience. Fairways, greens, water hazards, bunkers and trees are captured in minute detail, complete with moving clouds, flying birds and even fish swimming upstream. Players can choose when to tee off – morning, afternoon or evening – weather conditions and even wind speed.

Complementing this visual feast is the most realistic physical feedback of any simulator on the market. Your ball behaves just as it would outdoors, which means errant shots can splash in the water, bounce off trees or disappear in the undergrowth. Every facet of the outdoor game is mimicked indoors.

But there’s more. GOLFJOY’s interactive software means you never need to play alone. You can form a fourball from all around the world, with players joining online and taking turns to hit. You can invite friends or challenge opponents remotely. Real-time voice and video communication allow golfing buddies to walk the course together for a truly engaging experience. A round of golf has never been so easy to organize.

Want to practice? GOLFJOY has multiple modes to meet all your training needs: accuracy, distance, chipping and putting can be honed to perfection in a range of games and challenges. Personalized settings and parameters cater for all ages and abilities.

GOLFJOY’s software, perfected by our research and development experts, brings the most realistic golf experience available. Time to play!

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