Flagship S5 Golf Simulator Suite

GolfJoy Indoor Golf Simulator

GSV Pro Launch Monitor

Dual high-speed cameras measure thousands of frames per second. Capture and analyze data related to a golfer's swing and ball flight with a high degree of precision and reliability. Ultimately leading to improved performance and scores.

GolfJoy Software


Golfjoy simulator software, with golf course, training, real-time match, games, four cutting-edge content section.Applying Unreal Regine Four and invite the world-renowned design team to customize the software interface,with provide meaningful and valuable information for users. With 4K 60fps HDR, the course scene is lifelike.

Golf Simulator Dimensions

Product structure and installations dimension

  • Minimum:21.3ft(L)*12.5ft(W)*9.2ft(H)
  • Standard:26.3ft(L)*17.8ft(W)*10.2ft(H)
  • Comfort:39.4ft(L)*18.1ft(W)*11.5ft(H)

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