Multifunction button (Electronic Caddy)

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The multi-function all-in-one button has rich functions, allowing users to enjoy a more comfortable playing experience.
1. Multifunctional integrated controller has passed CE, IEC, FCC certification
2. It has the functions of raising and lowering TEE, ball supply, club type switching, direction adjustment, grid line, overview the course, green lining etc.
3. Convenient operation. Use the club directly click on the corresponding button, you can choose to overlook the fairway and view the topography of the hitting position in the 3D course, to help players view the fairway trend and terrain, and decide the hitting strategy;
4. Common functions such as adjusting the direction of the ball left and right, adjusting the ball tee up and down, and topping the ball, eliminating the trouble of mouse and keyboard operations and maintaining a smooth rhythm of the ball;
5. The multifunctional integrated controller can check the slope of the green, helping players to read the green better.