Description of the launch monitor interface and the indicator light

1: launch monitor power button: press this button to turn the launch monitor on and off, and the button is bright blue after startup (this button is also used as an IP reset key. In the power on state, if you press this button for 5s, the IP address will return to the original IP:

2: Launch monitor adapter port: this interface is connected to the 24V power adapter, and the other side of the adapter is plugged to utility power (220V) for charging.

3: Ethernet interface: used for connecting clients and for remote upgrades.

4: Launch monitor status light: used to display the current state of the launch monitor (the status light flashes blue for about 20s during startup, the status light is always blue after booting, and the status light is green after positioning the ball during playing).

5: Launch monitor infrared light: after successfully connecting to the APP or client, the infrared light is on.

Description of Launch monitor protector

1: Fixed pin (3): 3 fixed holes at the bottom of the launch monitor (#4 in picture) are inserted to fix the launch monitor.

2: Screw: used to adjust the height so that the launch monitor and the hit mat are at the same level.

3: horizontal beads: when adjusting the height of the launch monitor , it is used to verify that the launch monitor is placed horizontally placed horizontally (the horizontal bead in the center position indicates that the launch monitor placed horizontally).

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In the process of device search, if the local Bluetooth has been connected by other mobile phones, and the launch monitor can be manually restarted and reconnected again

When entering the client to hit the ball, if the launch monitor connection or configuration is wrong, check whether the network is workable, whether the sensor type is being correctly configured, whether the IP is set correctly in the client directory, and whether the background server of launch monitor is correctly configured

n order to protect the battery life, it is recommended that users charge the equipment indoors (the ambient temperature is less than 30℃)

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